Services for Businesses & Employers

Land of Lincoln Workforce Alliance and its partners including Illinois workNet work together to provide employee-based training programs built to build up Illinois businesses. These programs make employee skill upgrades available to businesses in order to avert layoffs, remain current in new technologies and business practices, or provide job skills to new hires.

Services offered by LLWA encompass Recruitment, Incentives, Business Resources, and Retention and Support as seen below. Before you begin reading, watch the “Welcome to Illinois workNet” video and “Illinois workNet Employer Programs and Tools Webinar” video for an overview of our services.



Utilize valuable tools provided by LLWA and its partners to recruit the best employees, train and upgrade the skills of your current workforce, and develop your business with a range of resources built for entrepreneurs and established businesses.

On-the-Job Training

Hire your employees first and then develop the necessary experience and skills to perform job duties with On-the-Job Training from Illinois workNet and LLWA. As an incentive to hire workers through the OJT Program, a percent of training costs may be reimbursed. The employer must commit to retaining the new hire as a permanent, full-time employee upon successful completion of the training period. Click here for more information regarding OJTs.

Skills Training

LLWA provides essential skills training to candidates which can mean the difference between an adequate employee and an outstanding employee. This level of training teaches Integrity, Self-Management, Responsibility, Decision-Making, Self-Esteem, and Sociability. A significant part of this training is for job readiness, which assists candidates with resume preparation, assessment of their work experience, and the identification and resolution of all training needs. We look to provide employers with a wide range of well-prepared, qualified job seekers who are ready to work.

Specialized Training

Specialized training in class-sized training projects is a tool used to help businesses meet the demands of an industry to increase productivity. We work collaboratively with a business, local technical colleges, and/or other training experts to design a curriculum  to meet the specific requirements for success. To benefit from the specialized training services, businesses simply agree to employ the trainees upon successful completion of the program.

Recruitment Resources:

Recruitment Services:

  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Applicant Referrals – Pre-Employment Screening Based on Employer and Industry Standards
  • Conduct Reference Checks and Verify Previous Employment
  • Private Interview Rooms – Employers can schedule the use of the Illinois workNet Center conference rooms to interview job seekers



Business Grants for Employee Training

Employers from specific targeted industries are eligible to apply for funding that will allow them to upgrade the skills of their workforce in order to become or remain competitive and to avert employee layoffs. Targeted industries include:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional & Business Services
  • Wholesale Trade
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Construction

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Work Opportunity Tax Credits provide a business with either tax credits or other incentives to hire or retain individuals from specific target groups. These incentives can be key to your business’ success as you bring in or retain skilled workers. Click on the link to learn more from Illinois workNet.


Business Resources

Provides outplacement services to workers facing layoffs as a result of plant closings or significant reductions in force. A Rapid Response Team can meet with the dislocated workers as a group, and inform them of the various services available to them in the community and to answer any questions they may have.

Rapid Response Services available include:

Click Here to connect with a specialist on our Business Services team.


Retention & Support

Once a candidate is referred to and hired by a business, our services continue for both the business and the trainees.

For businesses, we will continue partnerships with agencies, technical colleges, programs, and other training specialists to further upgrade employee skills. We will them provide Timely Information Sessions for businesses about trending workforce topics, labor market information, and talent pipeline updates.

For trainees, LLWA job coaches will stay in contact to provide followup as needed. Trainees are provided with transportation assistance as needed and they can be provided with other job requirements including tools, safety glasses, boots, required clothing or uniforms, and other items.